California Floral

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I have searched high and low to find the manufacturer and period of this cloth - to no avail.  I've named it "California" because of the style and color ways - bright and sunlit - turquoise, gold, pink, and red.

This set is made of a heavy duck type cotton.  The design appears to be "screen printed and over dyed" which, combined with the design, would tend to place it no later than the early 1940's.

The set came to me unused and in mint condition - I did not launder it.   The only flaw I see is that the hemming process did not finish the corners of the napkins - a little fraying.  The cloth measures 58" x 86" and there are 8 napkins 16" square.  

This is a vibrant, exciting cloth with a lot of style.  The photos have been darkened to reduce glare.  The ground is a soft white rather than the ecru shown.  The colors are true in the first and second images.  The third and fourth show the turquoise as more of a light blue.