6-Light Chandelier of Gilded Wrought Iron

  • 47500

6 light chandelier made of gilded wrought iron.  This incredible hanging lamp was purchased in Rockdale, TX and came from a lovely stone home in nearby Cameron, TX. 

Of the six mirrors around the lower part of the fixture, one had to be replaced.  I could not find damaged mirror to match the other five, so it is unblemished.  If you want a blemished mirror, I am seeking a source and, if available, will replace at no charge.   

I have looked for comparables online and in vintage lighting catalogues and have not found a match.  The man who rewired it (Lone Pine Lighting of Dayton, VA) said he had not seen one like it before.  To me, it looks like WWI era - perhaps even earlier.

I can offer free local delivery (within 50 miles of Warrenton, VA).  I cannot offer free shipping.   Given the weight of the light, shipping will be very expensive.  However, if you are interested but out of the area, call and I will obtain a shipping estimate.