Double Tier Side Planter with Trellis Panel

  • 9050

This Hook-4-All combination consists of two Double Tier Stakes with Barley Twist Finials, two Ground Feet, one 24" Trellis Panel and one 24" Folding Trough Side Planter.

Now, the photo shows the planter with Deck Feet.  The configuration described here would include two Ground Feet and intended for placement in the earth.  I've included a photo of a Ground Foot.

The Planter gets its name from the three holes on each long side.  This allows plantings on three sides of the trough - a very neat concept.  I've included front and back views of a side planter I had at the Shop in 2012.  You can really put on a show.

This product is also available with a solid planter - i.e. no side planting holes.  There is no difference in price.  Simply request the planter when scheduling delivery.

The configuration measures 42.5" long; 40" tall and about 18" wide (the diameter of the foot)  The planter measures 24" long; 8.75" deep and 8.5" wide.