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This printed linen cloth is from the 1940's, I believe.  I saw it on the kitchen table in the movie "The Miracle of Morgan's Creek".  It must have been a very popular pattern as it appeared on the fine linen of the gown on the Mexican Doll I've shown as the centerpiece.  I married the cloth with the napkins, so there is a color difference in the ground as well as the design.  The cloth has been used more and shows some fade. Nonetheless, it all works  The cloth measures 66" x 70" and the four napkins 16.5" x 17".

PS:  As you can see, I also like to marry the rugs and the linens. In this case the rug is #556 - it measures 28" x 34" and is priced at $54.  This rug can be found in the "Hit or Miss" Rug Collection.

PPS:  The term "Enameling" refers to a garden design popular in the Middle Ages - brightly colored flowers were arranged as jewelry set in herbaceous borders and grass.  I thought the reference was apt.