Magenta Hibiscus

  • 8750

Heavy cotton printed with an all-over pattern of hibiscus and tropical flowers in a bright magenta on white.  This cloth may be unused - but if used, very lightly.  I have washed and ironed it so you will receive it ready to employ. 52" x 66"

This is a very high-quality printed cloth.  The fabric is wonderful.  It irons easily and drapes beautifully.   Based on a Collector's Guide by Pamela Glasell, the design is a product of the 1920's.   The pattern and printing style match an example.  I do not know when the cloth was manufactured.

The rug displayed with the tablecloth is #388.  It measures 28" x 51" and is priced at $81.50.   The rug may be found in the "Pink to Purple" Rug Collection.