Swedish Linen

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These beautiful napkins were made of "halblinne" (half linen/half cotton) toweling manufactured in Sweden. They were purchased as a length of fabric of 12 uncut towels.  I finished them and am marketing as napkins - the fabric is wonderful quality and the design most congenial.

A set of six napkins - each measuring a generous 19.5" x 27.5".  Of the two images, the second is the better approximation of color.  The lighting in the first made the image more golden.

Treat stains immediately and wash gentle cycle/hot water.  Line dry.  They will require ironing - mist with water and apply spray starch - iron at the hottest setting.  No big deal.

In the first image, the napkins are displayed with the Vintage Rag Rug and Cistern Chain Cups (found in Vintage Home under Agri Fusion) as flower holders.  The combination set a beautiful table.