Czech Linen Damask

Czechoslovakia was created by the union of Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia and Ruthenia at the fall of the Habsburg Empire in October of 1918.  From 1939 through 1945 it was held by Nazi Germany and from 1948 until 1992 it was part of the Warsaw Pact. 

But, between the great Wars, these Middle European peoples produced charming and pleasing linen damasks.  They are not the heavy, "intended for generations" double damasks of Ireland and Sweden.  The fabrics are lighter and for the moment.  The Art Nouveau and Art Deco schools of Vienna are evident in the designs.  They will add wonderful color and interest to your kitchen, dining areas and picnic - use them and enjoy.  The Czech linens are easy to maintain - a hot iron and some spray on starch will do the trick and quickly.

I discovered Czech linens early in the process of buying and selling vintage linens.  I have enjoyed every set that crossed my path.