Primarily Red

I love red.  It's warm, exciting and adds zest.  Most of the rugs in this Collection make a statement.  The bold color is matched with a bold design.  There are some I'd put on the table or wall just to showcase the commanding graphics they present. However, all were woven to serve and grace the floor for many years.

Handcrafted and hand woven by three sisters from a Mennonite community, each with over 60 years experience weaving.  The fabrics are either vintage or re-used - this is recycling at its best.

Length measurements do not include fringe.

The fabric contents can only be guessed so blend, woven, knit, woolen are the best nomenclature I can come up with.  The warp threads, on most of the rugs, are a cotton/poly blend.  The rugs were collected over a lengthy period, some of the older ones may have 100% cotton warp.  The blended warp threads are more durable.