Linen Damask

I love damask.  The fine fibers and dense weave allow intricacy of design; provide a gleaming ground for your dining pleasure; and make a strong fabric that can serve generations. 

Linen requires care, however.  Address spots immediately - I have used Oxyclean and Shout to good effect.  Wash in the hottest water your machine will allow.  NEVER put in a dryer.  Smooth out and line dry.   Iron damp to dry.   I use spray starch and a water bottle set to mist when I iron.  I can't tell a lie - napkins are easy; tablecloths are difficult.

For storage, I roll the napkins.  The cloths are folded lengthwise in thirds and hung on a padded hanger.  Periodically, I change the folds on the cloths and check to make sure the selvedge edges have not folded back.   With a tight fold, the fibers can break.

Most of the photos in this collection have been darkened.  I want you to see the designs and white damask is hard to photograph.  However, where this has been done, I note the color of the damask - bright white; clear white; creamy white.