Artisan Rag Rugs in Pink to Purple

These are charming rugs.  They will cool the mood of a room and warm your toes at the same time - nice trick. 

Handcrafted and hand woven by three sisters from a Mennonite community, each with over 60 years experience weaving.  Most of the weft fabrics are mill-ends from a local weaving mill.  This is re-purposing at its best.

Length measurements do not include fringe.

The fabric contents can only be guessed so blend, woven, knit, woolen are the best nomenclature I can come up with.  The warp threads, on most of the rugs, are a cotton/poly blend.  The rugs were collected over a lengthy period, some of the older ones may have 100% cotton warp.  The blended warp threads are more durable.