Vintage Art Deco "Pan" Style 4-Light Chandelier

  • 25000

Of stamped metal, this four light hanging fixture has mat polychrome and bright brass finishes.  There is some finish damage - I imagine this piece was in rough storage for a long time.  Being a Depression era product, it is quiet in design and coloring. 

It measures 27" long from the base to the ceiling attachment  and 14" wide.  There are four lengths of chain available to extend the length another 19". The globes are not original but suit the coloring and style beautifully.

The piece features new wiring and sockets provided Lone Pine Lighting of Dayton, VA.  Each of the lights has an on/off switch.  When this light was produced, not all homes rooms had wall switches.  So, you turned on the lights as required.   

Free delivery only within 50 miles of Warrenton, VA.  For shipping to locations outside that area, please email for a quote.