Lavender Linen Damask Cocktail Napkins

  • 2500

These cocktail napkins are very sophisticated.   They accompany the Lavender Banquet Napkins sold separately.  A monogram is woven in as part of the center design and each has a two letter, simple, embroidered monogram on one corner.  As regards condition, they are lightly used and well cared for.  These napkins are in very good condition.  They feature a hemstitched edge and measure 12" x 13".

I would date these to the late 1920's / early 1930's based on the art deco influence.  I purchased them from England.  The fabric is mill marked "L70" but I do not know the origin.   The linen is very fine and heavy; the woven-in monogram and color indicate a statement was being made; but the matching banquet napkins are machined hemmed at a time when napkins of such quality in the home would have been hand hemmed.  My best estimate is that these were made for the use of Directors or Owners of a business.  

The napkins are sold in sets of 4.