Tenerife Drawn Work

  • 35000

This is a master piece in linen.  I believe it is made from a single sheet of fabric.  I have not been able to find a seam amidst the incredible all-over pattern.

The cloth is old - I don't believe work like this was done in the 20th century - and it is fragile.  There are some broken threads and  a few pinpoint holes in the solid linen.  However, the damage is not enough to detract from its beauty.

Due to the fragility, I would use it over a cloth on the table - wouldn't be too wise to put strain on the design at the corners of the table.  Also, I would defy custom and use placemats if serving food.  You don't want to clean this very often.

It will arrive clean and ready to use.

The cloth measures 82" x 96".