Fencing - Single Section

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This is one of the more wonderful elements of the Hook-4-All system - a relatively light weight, portable, durable, scale-able fencing system.

A single section of fencing includes 1 Fence Corner Post with Barley Twist Finial; 1 Ground Foot; and one Fence Panel.  The Corner Post is designed to allow straight runs and right angle turns.  A single section measures 58" wide and 40.5" from the top of the Post to the joint with the Ground Foot

Once the "run" of fence has been determined a single Fence Post is required to complete.  This is priced at $27.50 and is purchased separately - See "Fencing - End of Run Fence Post.  So, should you require only a single fence section, the total price would be $85.00 

The corner hook on the Fence Corner Support is very versatile.  In addition to allowing a right angle turn, it can be used to support a Half Round Planter, as shown in the second photo.  The Half Round Planter, including a Wall Mount, may be purchased separately for $18.00, each.