Fern & Floral

  • 7000

Printed, fine quality white linen with floral swirls of a bright, clear and cool blue around a maroon structure.  This charming cloth measures 50" x 52" and is accompanied by 5 napkins measuring 14" x 15" - a luncheon set.  Every time has its own color ways.  I believe this is a 1930's expression.  The design is graceful and flows around the border and center of the cloth. 

Once again, I used Rug #388 to showcase the cloth.  The rug serves several purposes.  It offers dimension, texture and interest.  In addition, the simplicity of the rug dilutes the effect of a highly decorated tablecloth.  When these designs were popular, houses were very sparsely furnished.  There was no abundance during the thirty years encompassing the Depression, WWII and the Korean War.  So, homemakers sought richness in fabric and wall paper designs.