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Gotham:  This is a heavy cotton cloth and napkin set with a strong, marvelous, vintage design.  I would put the date in the late 1940's, early 1950's.   Sadly, there is a fade line on the cloth - see the third photo.  The cloth measures 54" x 62" and there are six napkins 15" x 16.5".  Other than the fade line, this set has been used little to none.  There is no tag on this set.  However, the design is attributed to Lustreprints.

Golden Leaves:  This tablecloth and napkin set is made of cotton and enjoys a very graceful pattern of white, yellow, and gold arabesques/leaves on a field of light/med grey with a yellow center.  It is unused with no damage or weak spots.  This set has been washed and ironed and will arrive ready to use.  Cloth: 52" x64"   6 Napkins:  15" x 16".

NJR Classic:  Linen; carefully used; minimal fade; no holes or weak spots.  Now, onto the description.  I consider this one of my better printed cloths.  Why?  Well, the design is beautifully executed.  There is a lot going on and yet it is neither busy nor do the ribbons, bows and scalloped edges impart sentimentality.  In addition, the photos illustrate the sheen of the linen.  This is common with double damask but rare with a printed cloth.  I believe Palm and Bow is a product of the late 1930's to early1940's - the intensity of design and color seem to go with the time.  The cloth measures 52" x 70"