Victory K&B "Silver Birch"

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Made of cotton and rayon (my best bet), this cloth evokes the mountain lake retreat - fresh fish grilling, fireplace at work, sun going down behind the pines and birch.  The cloth measures 31.5 x 36.5 and there are four napkins measuring 9.5" x 10.5".  While the cloth is a saturated medium blue, the napkins are shades of grey.  This was intentional.  I have seen this cloth in red and the napkins were grey, as well. 

This design is attributed to Victory K&B.

This set was owned by a collector.  I do not know if he purchased it unused.  While he owned it, the cloth was used but covered with clear plastic and never washed.  I washed it.  I find that even when carefully stored, linens pick up dust and dirt.